Testimonials: Hypnosis and EFT Tapping Clients  Achieved their Goals

The clients who wrote the testimonials below experienced first hand the power of the combined techniques of hypnosis and EFT tapping.

Part of my service at Hypno-Tapping For Success is teaching clients to use self-hypnosis and EFT Tapping whenever needed to deal with the daily ups and downs of life or achieve new goals. 

"My session with Jean was wonderful! I was able to clear negative emotions to help me move forward and believe in myself. In addition, I was able to release pain that had been a problem for the last few months! I will be recommending Jean to family and friends and I will work with her in the future!"

Yvone, 1st time EFT practitioner.

"On a breezy, relaxed, sun-drenched day; perfect for a lake-side picnic, panic surges through every cell in my body. My heart pounds with the force of a tsunami. In sharp contrast to the calm surrounding me I feel as though I'm being chased by hundreds of hungry lions. Exhaustion is overwhelming because fitful nightmares steal any chance of restful sleep. Doom and death are always lurking in the shadows. Every time I attend a routine doctor's appointment or see a blood pressure cuff this terror is unleashed into my life. The panic begins several days before the appointment and continues until I leave the doctor's office. These uncontrollable phobias poison every aspect of my life. Despite numerous attempts at self- healing I only succeed at failing. That has all changed. Today my phobias no longer exist. They have disintegrated into a distant past. Now I am able to attend doctor's appointments and touch blood pressure cuffs without any anxiety or fear. I am also calm several days prior to any scheduled medical appointment. Years of terror driven anxiety associated with physicians and BP cuffs have been replaced with calm and confidence. What made the difference? Hypnosis with Jean Hobgood did. After only several sessions of hypnosis my debilitating phobias were eliminated. Jean's professionalism, knowledge, and patience helped to transform my life. Today my life works. The results far exceeded my expectations. Hypnosis with Jean was the help when I needed it."

Lorraine, Atlanta, GA metro area

 I began working with Jean during a very traumatic time in my life. While I have always suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety, it was much worse while dealing with the events at the time. A family member suggested that I try Hypnotherapy and suggested I talk to Jean to see if she might be able to help. I'm so glad that I made that first call to her! Not only has Jean been able to help me through that dark period, but my outlook on life in general is so much better. Family, friends and co-workers have all commented about how much happier and relaxed I am, and life is so much better when you see it from a positive point of view. I no longer suffer that uneasy feeling when in a crowd and I no longer isolate myself from life. I'm more confident, outgoing and best of all I can honestly say that I'm happy and like who I am. I firmly believe that it was Jean and techniques she uses that made it all possible. I would recommend seeing Jean over a "traditional" counselor because the results I wanted took place in just a few short weeks instead of taking months or even years to attain."

Rusty M - Buford GA

"By working with Ms. Hobgood, I have learned to use hypnosis to manage stress and anger issues. Using the skills I've learned, I can redirect my energy and feelings to experience a calm, serene place at any time of day. My relationships with my family and my coworkers have improved tremendously. Hypnosis has allowed me an enhanced quality of life, and I'm very thankful for it."

TV, Norcross, GA

I am ever so grateful and thankful to Jean Hobgood for what she has done for me! I had never met anyone who is so good at hypnosis and also such a lovely, gracious, and big hearted lady. The minute I met her, I was already drawn to her ability to help people feel good, feel more confident, etc. Immediately, I decided to spend some $$ and let her work her wonders. She did. Absolutely! I have been carrying around in my head a whole bunch of JUNK being accumulated all through life, mostly bad stuff. When Jean asked me to list what I WANTED To ACHIEVE IN LIFE, she not only suggested all the positive things (Jean knows how to say them), the techniques she used allowed me to remove all the junk that had kept me down and inevitably kept me from achieving my goals and dreams, because I did not believe that I could.:)

Spending that few hours/$$ with Jean and letting her hypnotize me was well worth it, and more!!! I feel much more confident, I don't procrastinate, I feel happier (I stopped taking my antidepressant medication). I am able to set goals and stay focused, etc. etc. What is priceless is that Jean gave me hope and I now feel and BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND THAT I CAN ACHIEVE MY GOAL - I WILL BE A MILLIONAIRE ONE  DAY SOON! (Previously I didn't think I could nor would become one). Thanks a Million, Jean. God bless you always for helping so many people.      

Angeline Letoha, Atlanta, GA Metro

My experience with hypnosis was one of the most beautiful I had in my life. Through life circumstances, I lost my memories and part of my treatment was hypnosis. After a long research, I started my sessions with Jean. The first moment when I met her, I felt very comfortable with the sessions and this feeling increased with time. During the process she helped me to resolve situations in my past that affected my present life, control myself, and accept events to create a new environment to change my future life. Right now I am a different person, thanks to her and her techniques.

I am very thankful to Jean for the help she gave me and I recommend her to everyone, because she is a great professional and excellent person.              

Claudia, GA

I have had a lot of issues,many traumatic events,bad memories.

I was lucky to work with Jean.

I found Jean to be very helpful,friendly and highly professional.She always wants to get to the heart of the issue and clear it. Jean is very warm,understanding,open and helped me to get over panic attacks.

Jean is a dedicated healer. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for her persistence and help.

At each session I found something new. I have had old layers of resistance,fear,old beliefs.

Jean's approach allowed me to feel safe enough and to be brave and face deep and old fears. Jean's follow ups with me between sessions were extremely supportive. She has gotten me through some pretty bad memories and helped me to change them.I have more confidence in myself now.

I would recommend Jean to everyone who has the desire to resolve their issues and get on with life.Jean will help you to transform your life,no matter what problem you are dealing with.

Thank you so much for helping me, Jean! 

Tatiana, Kiev, UK, via Skype video

"I have known Jean Hobgood for almost twenty years, both as a friend and as a professional. I have found her to be conscientious, caring, and professional in her approach to her work as a special needs educator and hypnotherapist. I recently had occasion to have major surgery and Jean offered to do a hypnotherapy session with me prior to my surgery to lessen my pain and recovery time. I feel that our session was very beneficial and I have in fact recovered quickly, with minimal pain and with few problems or setbacks. I would not hesitate to recommend her skills to others."

Lynn Walston, Marietta, GA

"Jean worked with my son, Joseph, to help him overcome test anxiety and confidence issues. The techniques she taught him during his hypnotherapy sessions are invaluable. Two years later he is in the 8th. Grade, an A/B student, and headed to private school. Joseph still uses the techniques that Jean taught him on a daily basis to be successful in school and his activities. I highly recommend Jean's services."

C. Kennedy, Mableton, GA.

"Mrs. Hobgood is a wonderful tutor for my sons, ages 11 and 9, both of whom have ADD. We have been working with her for nearly a year now and each of my children is greatly benefiting from her help. She is very patient and knowledgeable of the "ins and outs" of ADD and always employs techniques to help them overcome their issues. With her help, we are seeing great improvement in both of the children's school work and grades. Mrs. Hobgood also uses some hypnotic techniques to help my children increase their confidence in their ability to focus and do their work. Examples and suggestions, visualizing success, relaxing muscles and deep breathing techniques have all been very helpful."

Susan Slawter, Alpharetta, GA

"I have suffered from chronic migraines as long as I can remember. Jean and I are singing in the same choral group and when the day of the concert arrived, she sensed that I had a migraine during the final rehearsal. As kind as she is, she offered to use hypnosis on me. I had never experienced that particular healing method and went for it. It took her 5 minutes to make the migraine go away. What I truly appreciated is that Jean totally let her intuition guide her and it made this healing session be extremely effective. Thanks again Jean for your kindness and your talent,"

Caroline C., Cumming, GA

"I'm a single mother of 2 boys aged 12 and 6. I was constantly getting phone calls from the school about my 6 year old's behavior. He had been suspended 9 times and he is only in kindergarten. I had spoken with my son's teacher, therapist, principal, and counselor at school. Although speaking with them provided little assistance, I had exhausted everything that I could think of. I was looking through a Parenting Magazine one day, when I came across an ad about Jean Hobgood. Jean Hobgood was an Educational Hypnotist and Behavioral modification Specialist. I was very skeptical, but meeting Jean has changed everything for me. Jean has managed to get my son to control his behavior, by finding his inner voice and using breathing techniques to resolve conflict. I have seen my son transform into a new child. Jean really cares about her clients and she works really hard to get results. Before I really dreaded for school to start, but with Jean's professional assistance I'm looking forward for school to start. I would suggest anyone to give Jean Hobgood the opportunity to work with your child. You will be amazed at the improvement in your child."

Angela Knight, Atlanta, Georgia

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